La Cugina dei Due Ponti

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The History

Due Ponti Restaurant, formerly the historically well-documented Beechhurst Yacht Club, survived decades of new home and warehouse construction that dwarfed the curbside view of the building and extensive docks.  Current owner Joe Facchin acquired and salvaged the property in 2005 to open his first restaurant.

Due Ponti is now a waterfront mainstay and dining destination known for al fresco dinning with views of its iconic namesake NYC bridges or wintertime fireplace perfect for romantic dinners and special events.

Owners Joe and wife Rosemary have recently renovated the dining area.   The building’s landmark history of Whitestone and Queens has transformed beautifully to become home to Due Ponti Restaurant.  This location now serves an influx of people from all over the northeast!


Tuesday             5 to 10 PM
Wednesday       5 to 10 PM
Thursday           5 to 10 PM
Friday                 5 to 10 PM
Saturday            5 to 10PM
Sunday                5 to 10 PM


Friday                12 to 3 PM
Saturday            12 to 3 PM
Sunday               12 to 3 PM


The Hours

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